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If you are in need of an experienced attorney in Cleveland, TN,  to represent you in your criminal case or during an investigation, no one else in the Cleveland area has the unique legal experience of Joe Hoffer – and that experience can work for you.  Additionally, he is committed to using modern communication methods to stay in touch with his clients and potential clients.  You can contact Mr. Hoffer by email, telephone, by texting for appointments or directly through this website.  Keep reading for more information.

Dear Reader,

Are you or someone you love, accused of a crime or under investigation for alleged criminal activity?   Psychological experts say that being accused of a crime is as devastating as the loss of a child or loss of a spouse.  Allegations of criminal activity by law enforcement or government agencies can not only end up with the loss of your precious freedom and liberty, but those allegations can cause serious psychological damage to you and your loved ones. 

Have law enforcement officers summoned you to court? Have law enforcement officers stopped you and asked to search your vehicle??   Have law enforcement officers searched your home?  Have law enforcement officers arrested you? Will they arrest you at your job? Are law enforcement officers interviewing your boss? Your co-workers? Your friends?  Your family?  Are they asking you to come to their office or the police station for an interview?

Many practicing lawyers in Cleveland, TN, have never seen the inside of a police station, a morgue, detective’s office, a district attorney general’s office or the U. S. Attorney’s Office. Many attorneys have never been to the morgue, or a forensic computer lab, crime lab, the inside of a prison or death row.  They will go to court with you, but can they effectively protect you or your rights as your defense lawyer?  Many attorneys represent people as part of their general practice, but they are without important experience in criminal defense. Don’t let one of those attorneys represent you in your most important case!

If you go to court without an experienced attorney, you will not have anything to counterbalance the incredible power of the State of Tennessee or the power of the United States.  How will you answer the questions of the government attorneys, the government investigators and the judge? How will you reply when they tell you to plead guilty, or that you need to make a statement, or provide the names of your witnesses? How will you answer if they ask you about your alibi, your defense or your defense strategy?

Experienced attorney can answer those questions for you about your criminal defense.  As an attorney with the kind of experience that counts, I know the answers to those questions.  I have been inside police stations, the morgue, detective’s office, the District Attorney’s Office, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the forensic computer lab, the crime lab, inside of prisons and even visited death row.  I can protect your rights and defend you against criminal allegation and charges. I have defended charges of murder, arson, rape, burglary, theft, aggravated assault, white collar crimes and immigration violations during your criminal defense.


Duane Devries: You Are The Man! Greatest Attorney in the South!! We will always use your services again if needed, hope not, and will always refer YOU! Thanks so much for everything!

Tyler (last name withheld): Joe is the best lawyer in around, he has represented me and my wife in a felony criminal case that we were facing 8 to 12 years for an aggravated robbery crime that we didn't do, he got it dismissed and we pled to conspiracy. He got us 3 years on probation, if we didn't hire Joe Hoffer, me and my wife would be in prison for the next 8 to 12 years. Thanks Joe!!! You have been a great help to me and my wife....

Rodney Bates:  Thank you, Mr. Hoffer.  I never saw someone fight so hard for someone else in a courtroom.  Thanks.

Juror (name withheld):

Attorney Hoffer:

As a juror at the trial on January ** for Mr. *****, I observed the brilliant manner in which you presented the case.  You were well informed and quickly tracked and analyzed and synthesized new information and all of the responses.  And your presentation for the jury listed the facts, analysed, summarized made a logical conclusion, and was very convincing.  You were able to interview with the tough questions while being courteous yet firm and forceful.  Man's humanity to man in adverse situations is often a lost art.  You showed respect while winning the case and I appreciate your style!

I have worked as a big city district attorney, a small town district attorney, a federal drug prosecutor and a defense lawyer in Cleveland, TN, for a combined experience of over twenty four years as an attorney.  Also during that time, I became a master in traditional Japanese jujitsu and later became a black belt in Brazilian or Gracie jiu-jitsu.   I have unique experience that will work for your benefit in your criminal defense.

• Over eight years experience with the Cuyahoga County (Cleveland, Ohio, District Attorney’s Office) County Prosecutor’s Office.  General Criminal Prosecution, Special Victim’s Unit, Special Drug Prosecutions

• Special Drug Prosecutor’s Office, United States Attorney’s Office, District of Puerto Rico, High Intensity Drug Trafficking Unit – cases involving hundreds of kilos imported from South America, wire taps and money laundering.

• Tenth Judicial District Attorney’s Office, Bradley County District Attorney’s Office for over five years – General Criminal Prosecution

• Over nine years as a criminal defense lawyer in Cleveland, TN,  for a total of over twenty-five years experience.

Do you need and experience lawyer in your defense and on your case?

• An experienced attorney to determine the nature of the charges or allegations against you

• An experienced attorney to determine the nature of the threat to your liberty and freedom

• An experienced attorney to determine the truthfulness and credibility of the allegations and the people making the allegations against you

• An experienced attorney to interview you and your witnesses determine your defenses

• An experienced attorney to help you evaluate the strength of your defenses

• An experienced attorney to help you determine the government’s “real position” regarding the allegations or charges against you

• An experienced attorney to file motions for discovery to determine the nature of the government’s case and the threat to your liberty and freedom

• An experienced attorney to conducted independent investigations, which could lead to proof that you are not guilty of a crime

• An experienced attorney to file a motion to suppress evidence because law enforcement violated your rights to be free of unconstitutional searches of your person, motor vehicles, homes and farms – that could result in charges being dismissed

• An experienced attorney to filed motions to force government agencies to reveal evidence and information that they were “unaware of” or hiding to show that charges should be dismissed or that you are not guilty

• An experienced attorney to file a motion to prevent government agencies, district attorneys and Assistant United States Attorneys from using “unreliable” scientific evidence or using unqualified translators who were not competent to translate

• An experienced attorney to file a motion to have the government reveal the identity of “untruthful” confidential informants

• An experienced attorney to file a petition to restore your constitutions rights to carry firearms, to vote and to hold public office after being convicted of felonies and infamous crimes

Don’t wait to hire an attorney.  You need to get an experienced attorney to defend you.  We need to start evaluating defenses, interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence and researching legal issues.  Don’t learn the hard way that you need an experienced attorney and not just any attorney – to defend your case and defend your rights.

There are three ways to contact my office about an appointment in your criminal defense..

Office phone number:  (423) 473-9447

Office email:       jhoffer61@gmail.com

text message      (423) 463-0360 – for appointments only

     Very truly yours,

     Joseph V. Hoffer

P.S. Hiring a criminal defense attorney is one of the most important things you can do for your life, our freedom and your liberty.  I can start working on your case as soon as you retain me, to make sure that I am working for your benefit.

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