John Carroll University - 1984 BA economics
University of Akron - 1987 Juris Doctor
Guy, Lammert and Towne - commerical litigation - 1987-1989
Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office 1989-1996 (felony unit, drug unit, child abuse unit)
United State's Attorney's Office District of Puerto Rico 1996-1998
10th Judicial District Tennessee District Attorney General's Office 1998-2004
Joe Hoffer - Attorney at Law - Private Practice  2004-present

MY PRACTICE - the types of cases I work on . . .
After prosecuting criminal cases for more than fifteen years, I represent many clients in criminal cases as a defense lawyer in Cleveland, TN, and the surrounding area.  I represent clients in criminal cases in State court and Federal court.  I regularly represent clients in Bradley County, McMinn County, Polk County Hamilton County and in Chattanooga Federal Court.  I represent clients in Sessions Court and Criminal Court in all of these counties. 
I am available to represent clients in other counties.  I am a member of the Criminal Justice Act panel in Federal court in Chattanooga.  My experience as a federal prosecutor allowed me to join the panel in Chattanooga without any additional qualifications.
I have been practicing law for more than twenty-five years.  I have been a lawyer in Cleveland, TN, since 1998. 
I was a prosecuting attorney for more than 15 years in several different jurisdictions.  I prosecuted in Cleveland, Ohio, for over eight years.  During that time, I prosecuted in the general felony division.  I also prosecuted sex crimes and serious child abuse and murder cases in one of the first “special victims” units in the United States.  I also specialized in drug prosecutions.  After I left Cleveland, Ohio, I was a “high intensity drug trafficking area” prosecutor for the federal government in Puerto Rico for two years.  Those cases involved the importation of hundreds of kilos of cocaine, wiretaps and money laundering  After that assignment, I also worked as a prosecuting attorney in Cleveland, TN, for more than five years.  During that time, I prosecuted general cases and sex crimes.
My experience as a prosecuting attorney give me the ability to present my clients' cases effectively in court.  Feel free to call my office to discuss your legal problems.  I am available to discuss your legal problems and issues with you in confidence.  I use my experience for your benefit in your case.  As you can imagine, I am particularly effective in criminal defense and in the kinds of cases I used to prosecute.

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